MB6IGG-GW is the first Yaesu Fusion only Gateway in Worthing, England. It is open to all and consists of a Yaesu FTM-400XD, Yaesu HRI-200 Wires-X Repeater Enhancement System and Yaesu’s Wires-X software running on a Windows 10 ACEPC T11 mini computer.

The Gateway was licenced on 16th May 2021. Access details as follows:

  • Frequency 434.500 MHz Simplex.
  • Digital ID 00-00
  • C4FM DN mode only – No Analogue or other digital modes.
  • Wires-X Node Number 76338 – Normally connected to the CQ-UK room. If you want to use a different room read on!
  • Wires-X Room Number 86338 – Open to all.
  • Disconnect – DTMF command #99999 .
  • Transmitter Power 1.0 Watt (2.8 dBW).
  • Diamond X50 Antenna with 5.05 dbd Gain.
  • Antenna 6 Metres above ground level.
  • Locator IO90st.

Located in Goring By Sea, near Worthing, West Sussex, England (Locator IO90st) the expected RF coverage is Central Worthing, West Worthing, Durrington on Sea, High Salvington, Goring By Sea, Ferring, Angmering, and East Preston but may be usable outside this area. Please send access reports using the CONTACT page.

Details of the Gateway status can be found on ukreapeters. If you would like more information you can contact me using the form on the CONTACT page.

To access the gateway: tune your transceiver to 434.500 MHz Simplex. Set the Mode to C4FM DN. Set the digital ID to 00-00 or Auto (This is normally the default factory setting) . The Gateway will NOT pass C4FM WV, Analogue or other digital modes .

There is no need to be connected to the gateway to work through it, but you will be restricted to using whatever Node/Room the Gateway is connected to at the time. To be able to change to a different Node or Room a connection using Wires-X on a compatible transceiver is required.

The gateway is normally connected to CQ-UK by default. Using a suitable transceiver connected to the Gateway in Wires-X mode, you can change to any available Node/Room on the Wires-X network by entering the Node/Room number on your device. Please note: The Gateway will remain connected to your selected Node/Room for a maximum of 60 minutes after which it will automatically time out, disconnect, and return to the default room. You will be able to switch back to your selected Node/Room once the connection to default room has established, this takes about 30 seconds. When you finish using the Gateway please manually disconnect using the DTMF command #99999.

  • Here are some Nodes to try:
  • 27792 CQ UK Wires-X Room
  • 67771 UK South Coast
  • 76338 MB6IGG Worthing, West Sussex, UK
  • 86338 MB6IGG Wires-X Chat Room (UK)
  • 21080 America Link Network
  • 40324 SADRC -Radio Club San Antonio (USA)
  • 40505 Canada Link
  • 80015 CQ All Canada
  • 21578 North West Ontario (Canada)
  • 21062 Quebec EST Wires-X (Canada)
  • 24117 CQ VK Link (Australia)
  • 20587 FUKUOKA Link (Japan)
  • 27187 Wires-X Spain
  • 27741 DL Bridge XLX421 (Germany)
  • 28674 CQ Finland
  • 69115 South Island, New Zealand

Below are a couple of examples of how to connect to the Gateway and using Wires-X move to a Node/Room of your choice with commands from a transceiver.

  • If you are using a “Yaesu FT-991” or “Yaesu FT-991a” set your transceiver frequency to 434.500 MHz simplex, Mode C4FM DN with the Digital ID 00-00 or Auto. Now touch the Wires-X button and a list of all available Nodes will be downloaded to your radio, select the Node you want and you will be connected.
  • If you are using one of the popular Yaesu FT-70D handhelds, set your transceiver frequency to 434.500 MHz simplex, Mode C4FM DN with the Digital ID 00-00 or Auto. Now press the “F” (Function) button followed by the “AMS” button to activate Wires-X mode once connected you can select one of your stored Nodes in C1 to C5 or manually enter a Node/Room number using the En option then press the “AMS” button to switch Nodes. To disconnect from the Node/Room use the En option to enter 99999 and press the “AMS” button.

Please keep in mind this is a simplex Gateway NOT a Repeater so you might not be able to hear both sides of the conversation, in particular the RF station using the gateway, so please listen for 3 minutes before transmitting, also because this is a Gateway it may not always be available.

The Gateway power is only 1 Watt (2.8 dbW) output so please set your transmitter power to 5 Watts or less to minimise interference. For local chat please use the MB6IGG-Room: Worthing Chat Room (86338) or Simplex rather than tie up the network.

Please leave 5 seconds between overs and always be courteous to others. Enjoy using the gateway! 73 – 501