MB6GG-GW is a Yaesu System Fusion Wires-X digital Gateway in Worthing, England. It is open to all licenced Radio Amateurs and consists of a Yaesu FTM-400XD, Yaesu HRI-200 Wires-X Repeater Enhancement System and Yaesu’s Wires-X software running on a ACEPC minicomputer. Details of the current status of MB6GG can be found on ukreapeters.

  • First licenced 24th January 2022.
  • Frequency: 144.850 MHz Simplex.
  • Also licenced to respond to a local Wires-X search signal on 144.6125 MHz.(Responds only when not connected to a Room or Node). See Using C4FM & Wires-X.
  • Digital ID 00:00.
  • C4FM Fusion only – No Analogue or other digital modes.
  • Transmitter Power 1 Watt.
  • Antenna Diamond X50 6 Meters above ground level with 2.35 db Gain.
  • Effective Radiated Power (ERP) 1.3 dbW
  • Locator IO90st.
  • Wires-X Node Number 76338 – Find out how to connect too and switch Node’s and Room’s Here.
  • SUSSEX FUSION 86338 – This room is hosted by MB6GG.

Located in Goring By Sea, near Worthing, West Sussex, England (Locator IO90) MB6GG covers Lancing, East Worthing, Central Worthing, West Worthing, Broadwater, Durrington on Sea, High Salvington, Goring By Sea, Ferring, Angmering, East Preston, and parts of Littlehampton but may be usable well outside this area depending on terrain and equipment. Access reports are always welcome please use the CONTACT page on this website.

The map above shows the RF coverage of MB6GG.

Using C4FM & Wires-X

C4FM is all that is needed to talk through MB6GG. However, it is possible to control the Gateway with your transceiver when using Wires-X mode. Wires-X allows switching to any Wires-X Node or Room on the network. Information about suitable Wires-X compatible transceivers can be found on the Yaesu Website. When using Wires-X mode to control a Gateway, your transceiver must be in C4FM-DN mode.

Note: If not connected to a Node or Room MB6GG will also respond to a local RF Wires-X signal on 144.6125 MHz, (the digital calling frequency) by automatically switching your transceiver to the MB6GG gateway frequency144.850 MHz.

    To Use MB6GG:
    • Tune your transceiver to 144.850 MHz.
    • Set the Mode to C4FM-DN.
    • Set the digital ID to 00:00 or Auto (This is the default factory setting).
    • Or tune to 144.6125 MHz and press the Wires-X button on your transceiver.

    Please Note: MB6GG will pass C4FM-VW mode but when using C4FM in VW mode the bandwidth normally set aside for sending Wires-X control data, callsign, transmitter type, location and other data is used to increase the voice bandwidth of the transmitter.

    MB6GG will normally be connected to a popular Fusion Room that is linked via the internet to other Fusion Repeaters, and Gateways across the UK and beyond. However, using Wires-X on your transceiver, it’s possible to switch MB6GG to any other Wires-X Node or Room. Once switched the Gateway will remain connected to a selected Node or Room, for a minimum of 30 minutes and remain connected so long as active voice communication is taking place, then following 20 seconds of standby, MB6GG will automatically disconnect. Disconnection from a Node or Room can also be initiated manually by sending the DTMF command #99999 from a transceiver.

    Here are some Nodes & Rooms to try:

    • 41893 Southern-Fusion (Wires-X)
    • 41755 NWFG (North West Fusion Group Wires-X)
    • 67771 UK South Coast (Wires-X)
    • 76338 MB6GG-GW (Wires-X Gateway; Worthing, West Sussex)
    • 86338 SUSSEX-FUSION (Wires-X Chat Room)
    • 44233 MB6RI (Wires-X Room)
    • 31893 GB3IV (Fusion Wires-X repeater in Southampton, Hants.)
    • 21578 North West Ontario (Canada)
    • 21062 Quebec EST Wires-X (Canada)
    • 27187 Wires-X Spain
    • 27003 Wires-X Italy
    • 28674 CQ Finland
    • 69115 South Island, New Zealand
    • 69437 Auckland, New Zealand

    Special Events

    To have a default Room/Node set for the duration of a special event contact the Gateway keeper. All request must include the following details and be sent via the Contact page of this website.

    1. Room/Node number to set as the MB6GG default for the event.
    2. Start date and time of the event.
    3. End date and time of the event.
    4. Event title
    5. Your Callsign
    6. Your Name
    7. Brief details of the purpose of the special event.

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    How to switch Nodes & Rooms using Wires-X.

    Below are a couple of examples of how to use a C4FM Wires-X connected Gateway (such as MB6GG) to switch Nodes and Rooms with commands from a C4FM Wires-X compatible transceiver.

    • Using a “Yaesu FT-991” or “Yaesu FT-991a” set the transceiver frequency to 144.850 MHz simplex, Mode C4FM-DN with the Digital ID 00:00 or Auto. Now touch the Wires-X button on the touch screen and a list of all available Nodes and Rooms will be downloaded to your radio, touch the screen to select the Node or Room you want and you will be connected. For detailed instructions consult the owners manual. You can download a copy using these links to the Yaesu website. FT-991a Operating Manual FT-991a Instruction Manual (GM Edition) FT-991a Instruction Manual (Wires-X Edition).
    • Using one of the popular Yaesu FT-70D handhelds, set the transceiver frequency to 144.850 MHz simplex, Mode C4FM-DN with the Digital ID 00:00 or Auto. Now press the “F” (Function) button followed by the “AMS” button to activate Wires-X mode once connected you can select one of the previously stored Nodes or Rooms in C1 to C5 or manually enter a Node or Room number using the En option then press the “AMS” or “PTT” button to switch Node or Room. To disconnect from the Node or Room use the En option to enter (#)99999 and press the “AMS” button. For detailed instructions consult the owner’s manual. You can download a copy using this link to the Yaesu website. FT-70DR/DE Operating Manual (Including The Wires-X Function.

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    Things To Remember

    • MB6GG is a low power simplex Gateway, not a Repeater so locally you might not be able to hear both sides of the conversation, in particular the local RF station so please listen for 3 minutes before transmitting.
    • C4FM-VW mode is not recommended for use with Gateways or Repeaters.
    • The RF power output of MB6GG is only 1.3 dbW so use low power whenever possible to minimise interference to others.
    • Consider using SUSSEX-FUSION room number 86338 to continue longer conversations.
    • MB6GG gateway has no timeout, however the Wires-X network dose! Network talk time is limited to a maximum of 3 minutes per over and cannot be changed by users.
    • It is important to leave gaps of 5 to 7 seconds between each over, this allows others to connect or disconnect to and from the Wires-X network.
    • Be considerate, polite and courteous to all, and enjoy using the MB6GG Wires-X Gateway to communicate with others in the UK and around the World.

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