Home Energy Monitor

This live data feed is produced by my EmonPi/EmonTx home energy monitor and updated every 60 seconds. My home electricity system is comprised of a 3995 Watt grid connected solar system, a 4800 Watt grid connected electricity storage battery, solar electrical water heating system and a connection to the National Grid electricity supply. All this equipment is monitored using current transformers connected to the EmonPi/EmonTx energy monitor. A minus “Import/Export” value is surplus electricity exported (sold) to the National Grid. A positive “Import/Export” value is power imported (purchased) from the National Grid. The imported electricity between 00:30 hours and 04:30 hours is purchased on a cheap rate tariff. This cheap rate electricity is used to automatically charge the battery based on local weather predictions, household usage, remaining battery charge and the time of year. If the household use apears high and the blue “Use” line is following closely the yellow “Solar” line, spare solar electricity is being diverted by the Marlec Solar Iboost to heat water. This system is designed to minimises the import of electricity from the grid and maximises the use of free electricity provided by my solar panels.

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